Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One-arm Workout

I cringed as I drove past the newest fitness club that just opened down the road from our home. I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time that I "worked out" (i.e., sweating and grunting and feeling ridiculously inept on a mechanical contraption while attempting to make it all look effortless and fun). Since having my children, Javi (age 4) and Isa (age 1), I am lucky if I manage the "one-arm workout" that consists of the following weight bearing/cardio exercises:

1) The mealtime sprint: while holding a whining 1-year-old in your strongest arm (usually your non-dominant hand) run rapidly from the fridge to the micro to the pantry to the cabinet to the table and back to the fridge, the toaster, the micro and the silverware drawer before your 4-year-old reminds you that he needs water with ice and while the wiggly 1-year-old's whining strengthens in decibles. Work up to 3 times daily, combine with the toy lunge (see exercise #2) as needed.

2) The toy lunge: while holding a wiggly 1-year-old (who is now screaming everytime you attempt to put her down) bend at the hip (or at the knees when your back is sore) grab as many toys as your free hand can hold before having to empty your load into the nearest toy basket. Increase (exponentially according to the age of your child) up to 250 times daily. For a more rigorous workout, have your husband call to say that he's invited guests for dinner.

3) The bathtime stretch: while holding a wet 1-year-old (who is now slippery and exhausted but enthusiastic) reach forward for the shampoo then back for the cup of water then forward for the baby wash then back for the cup of water then forward for the 4-year-old attempting to fly like Superman off the side of the tub then back for the baby who is attempting to turn the hot water faucet on then forward to release the plug then back to scoop up both shivering children. As a cool down quickly diaper the now screeching 1-year-old before she pees on the bathmat and run for another set of pajamas when your 4-year-old decides that it's not cool to be Superman anymore.

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