Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy, the dog just licked up the baby's puke

Now in another lifetime that utterance would have grossed me out to the point of engaging my gag reflex; however, this is not another lifetime. In this life, my life, the dog gets a cheese stick reward for cleaning up the mess so I don't have to. In this life, the one that includes a post-vasectomy surprise child, something that comes out of the baby's nose may wind up on my pants...because I put it there. In this life, the blurry-eyed one that I find myself in at 40, spit-up on my shirt doesn't constitute an outfit change unless it has a strong odor attached.

Granted I wasn't a stickler for cleanliness before the third child arrived. He just gives me a higher mess-tolerance, a stronger stomach to endure the foul and a better excuse for turning a blind eye to my canine Swiffer.


Jennifer said...

I love Luler.

femminismo said...

I laughed so hard at the dog getting a reward for licking up puke! I knew we should have had one just for the kitchen floor, if nothing else! Love, Auntie