Friday, June 12, 2009

the revolutionary road leads to the library

I know it's cliche (and someone tell me how to put an accent on that e), but the book Revolutionary Road is far superior to the movie. I had high hopes - I mean, Kate Winslet? Come on! But for some reason she was really fighting her accent this time around, and she just didn't seem to be capturing April Wheeler the way she did in my mind as I read her dialogue. Maybe it was having sex with two different men while being directed by her husband - talk about unnerving! I can't relate (lol), but I can imagine.

Now, I guess my expectations should not have been so high. How could the movie capture a book that spends so much time in the minds of the characters - particularly Frank (Leonardo DiCaprio) whose real motives, I felt, were almost entirely missed by the movie adaptation. Oh well. I can't fault Leo really, the expressions on his face during the scene near the end at the breakfast table were exquisitely painful.

But old Shep Campbell (who I later read in an interview with the author, Richard Yates, was supposed to be the only character who learns anything during the book) really did not make the leap to the big screen. Poor guy. Oh, and insane asylum John - I really was thinking more of a "Brad Pitt does crazy ala 12 Monkeys" for this guy, and the choice by the casting director was off the mark in my opinion.

Ah well - just reaffirms what we all know - the book is always better. This book in particular will stay with me for a long time. Plans aborted by an unexpected pregnancy - now I can relate to that. (love you Gil) :)


Jennifer said...

Movie SO much better than the book: The Silence of the Lambs.

athensmommy said...

Haven't read Silence of the Lambs - but sounds like I should because I thought the movie was good. Maybe that's one for Tybee :)

living in PA said...

You guys going to Tybee? When? We were just there last week!