Monday, June 29, 2009


Gil is sick. I think he has Roseola (a fever that if I'm right will be followed by a nasty looking rash that will cause people to look, look twice, then move away thinking that my child has Leprosy). He's such a good guy though that he's hardly complained. I know fever and sore throat makes you feel crummy, but Gil's still smiling and making friends wherever he goes. He went with me to Isa's dentist appointment this morning (no cavaties! good brushing, girl!), and spent some time looking in a handheld mirror and talking to himself. "Ba, ba, bay bay, guh guh." I love that guy.

Gil's illness is another reminder of how different his life is than Javi's was and how much I've changed as a parent. If Javi had a fever we wouldn't leave the house. Gil had a fever and we went to Javi's Taekwondo testing, Athfest in 100 degree weather, Isa's dentist appointment, etc. I alternate between feeling like a bad parent (see previous post - it's all the rage) and feeling like the show must go on. When you have two other children, baby illnesses simply take a backseat to life! Javi only tests for his black belt once (well, actually he tests for black a half dozen times - what are we up to now, red-black?). Athfest only comes around once a year so we couldn't miss that. I mean, who doesn't want to stand around getting sunburned and sweaty while making oragami and listening to nasaly kid songs? Come on! And then there was the pediatric dentist office that informed us that Isa would be kicked out of the practice if we missed another appointment. Nevermind that the reason we missed is because we didn't get the reminder call after disconnecting our landline.

On with the show!

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